Summary Of Robert Cialdini's Influence

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In the research book Influence by Robert Cialdini, the reader learns about several different principles of persuasion. Cialdini explains how they can be applied to everyday life along with how one can make themselves almost immune to the power of influence. The first concept presented is reciprocation. This incompasses the feeling of needing to repay another based on a kind action they did in the past. Another topic that is mentioned is commitment and consistency. These two ideas tie into each other because consistency leads to guaranteed commitment. Then, there is the principle of social proof that mentions how someone is inclined to do the same as the majority of other people. Next, the reader dives into facts as to why people like others for unclear reasons. Sometimes the subconscious brain holds a little more control over this than people originally thought. After this, the audience learns about authority and how humans tend …show more content…
People tend to look towards numbers to find an answer as to whether or not they should purchase a product. The more people who buy the product, the more likely the person will also purchase the product. Humans rely on this information to judge whether a product is worth purchasing or not because of the natural herd mentality they have. In other words, they are more inclined to do what the majority of other people are doing. There is a high probability that people are trusting the data that is provided by the company selling the product, which allows them to give their customers false information relating to the product. It may not be right, but they will do anything they can to get the products to sell. By taking advantage of this, they immediately increase the chances of the item selling. To avoid this situation, it is important to be able to identify incorrect numbers. It is also wise to confer with others who have purchased the product to see if it is really worth spending money

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