Essay about Analysis Of Four Day School Week

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Four-Day School Week

Every student in public school has said that the weekend just went by too quick. They also complain that they didn’t have enough time to complete a homework assignment because they were too busy during the weekend. Teachers probably feel rushed by all the papers that need to be graded before Monday starts back up. Everything just seems to be crammed into five days and there isn’t enough recovery time at the end. On the other hand, a four-day school week, everything isn’t crammed into four days and there is more recovery time at the end of the school week. A four-day school week has made it easier on schools by saving money, helping out the students, and also helping out the teachers.
It has been known that a four-day school week can save more money than a regular school week. Since the regular school week has five days, this causes school systems to spend more money on things. But a four-day school week has a day where they don’t have to stress over spending money on anything. A five-day school week has to worry about transportation for five days. A four-day week can cut out a day on transportation. Another thing that five-day schools have to worry about is a payroll. For instance, think of all the extra payrolls five-day schools have to pay for janitors and cooks. Payrolls could be reduced. With a cafeteria running for five days the bill would be more than a four-day bill. Utility costs are reduced to about 20% since a day in utilities have been cut…

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