Analysis Of Donald Trump 's President Of The Trump Essay

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Donald Trump is a businessman and chairman of The Trump Organization. He could also could be the Republican Party nominee in this year’s presidential election His plans on addressing illegal immigration, fighting free-trade agreements, and propose to temporarily ban immigration to the United States from countries with a history of terrorism against the United States, until the government does a better job to screen out potential terrorists. His statements in interviews and at campaign rallies have often been controversial, they have rallies that have protests riots and violence. Trump won the highest number of states and votes in the primaries and stands a chance on becoming America’s next president.
The term was created in 1979 during a time in which the United States was suffering from a worsening economy at home marked by high unemployment and inflation. The phrase "Let 's Make America Great Again" appeared during Reagan 's 1980 campaign. Donald Trump vows to "Make America Great Again,” and If elected, Trump promises, he will restore America to its former glory and make life good again for Americans whose lives, Trump 's campaign slogan implies, are no longer particularly good. For Trump 's base of white, working-class men without college degrees. This used to be a great country for them, and now they are hurting. But for most Americans, the good old days weren 't actually that good certainly not for women, or Americans of color, or children, or gay men, or religious…

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