Analysis of an Advertisement against Abortion Essay

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Shahrose Khan
Engl 1301 Monday 6:00-8:50
B. Vasquez
Visual Analysis refers to interpreting the pictures in words. It includes taking into account all the verbal and non-verbal elements which communicate some sort of meanings in one way or the other. The picture depicts a fearful pregnant girl who is afraid of revealing her pregnancy to her mom, her reaction and thinking of aborting the baby. Purpose of the picture is to communicate to teenagers especially girls who are poised to unsafe sex practices and before marriage sexual relationships. It is also to somehow make them aware of the consequences and the bitter reality that sometimes teenage girls can be exploited. The message being conveyed
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The whole white background of the picture shows the seriousness of the matter and how serious the girl is about the subject matter. The girl and the baby are wondering about their mom’s reaction. There is a sound coordination between different elements of the picture including the girl and baby, the text which depicts her thoughts and the color of the picture which shows the seriousness of the matter. The girl is wearing a white top that creates a holy feeling or defining the innocence of the girl. The picture is trying to convey that anybody can make a mistake. Abortion is not the only way to deal with this kind of situation. The picture is well balanced as it does not have irregular appearance of color or text and the girl shown is rightly shown communicating the message effectively. Overall color scheme of the aesthetics of the picture are very sound as it does not have anything fancy which is of course not needed. The action of the girl shown in the picture shows that she is sad, regretful and fearful of the fact that she is pregnant and her mom will be mad at her. She is thinking about what is going to be next? The only solution, she is thinking is abortion that makes the baby fearful. The picture shows the sad and fearful feeling of the girl and baby because, both are afraid of their mom’s reaction. The picture clearly shows how a baby feels, that is going to be aborted. On the other hand, the girl is only fearful of

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