Analysis Of A. W. Tozer's Contemplation Of God

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A.W. Tozer presents his main thesis as he expounds on the glory and attributes of God and asserts that the world’s spiritual starvation births from our absence of contemplation of God. Tozer states,
It is my opinion that the Christian concept of God current in these middle years of the twentieth century is so decadent as to be utterly beneath the dignity of the Most High God and actually to constitute for professed believers something amounting to a moral calamity.
Tozer claims that Christians have lost misplaced the majesty of God and Christians in a sense have anthropomorphized God, transforming him into our human friend. Thus, Tozer ruminates on various known characteristics of the known God so that by cogitating and deliberating
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Prayer leads to fruitfulness of good works and increased knowledge of God. And, an increased knowledge of God leads to more good works and more need to praise the Lord for Christ, prayer. This provides for the believers to produce good fruit that by the cause of will increase their knowledge of God. This precipitates preponderant works because that the believer’s knowledge of Will of God has enlarged. This positive feedback cycle will mature as long as the believer stays true to the path. Thus, knowledge of God proffers itself as quintessential to increasing our effectiveness and …show more content…
Prayer remains the most fundamental aspect of the Christian faith. God does not need our prayers for himself. God requires prayer for us so that we may grow in intimacy with him so that we may gain more knowledge of him. Thus prayer and the subsequent fruitfulness of good works provides one methodology. Moreover, direct contemplation on God himself proffers itself as relevant. David tells us, “but his delight is the in the law of the Lord, and on his law, he meditates day and night.” (Psalm 1:2) This requires I consider and ponder on the attributes of the Lord daily to grow more intimate with the

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