Nutritive Stew Recipe: Turmeric, Coconut Food

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Nutritive Stew Recipe- Cauliflower, Ginger, Turmeric, Coconut Oil Stew
Nutritional value of this recipe (per serving)
• 24 g fat
• 6 g fiber
• 6 g protein
• 204 calories
• 20 g saturated fat
• 18 g carbohydrate
• 588 mg sodium
• 0 mg cholesterol
If you are looking for delicious and quick recipe ideas, then adding this stew to your menu is the right choice for you and your family. Vegetarians in particular often struggle with finding the right ideas to prepare a delicious meal and at the same time, increase the intake of nutritive ingredients.
Winter is that time of the year when infections, viruses and bacteria are present everywhere and we need to boost our immune system in order to avoid them from attacking our body and causing an immune system drop.
Therefore, nutrition is everything at this point! Winter is also the time of the year when the market is
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Simple, quick and delicious recipe. Yummy!
You can serve the stew in deep bowls and if you have some leftovers, don’t throw them away. This stew will be delicious the next day as well and you’ll save yourself some time from cooking or you can simply take it to work.
The good news is that all of these ingredients can be found in your nearest grocery shop and the other good news is that they won’t cost you a lot of money. This recipe is not time-consuming nor it requires the skills of a super chef. The ingredients will blend themselves perfectly and your only job is to keep it from burning.
You can also add some rice, if you like grains in your stew or for those of you, the non-vegetarian ones, you can add some protein to your stew- chicken or beef is perfect.
Health benefits in a nutshell…
This recipe provides your organism with all the necessary ingredients. It improves the digestive system and warms you during those cold winter evenings. Don’t let the fat content concern you, because those are healthy fats, which your body needs and they work as a fuel to your

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