Personal Narrative: A Legacy For My Babies

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A Legacy for my Babies In today 's society [2] our lives are mapped out for us from the moment we take our first breaths. Starting with learning to walk, learning to talk, and eventually being molded into someone acceptable to contribute to society. We have all become conditioned to believe that if we work hard we will be rewarded. But what is the greatest reward of all? The greatest reward that I have recieved is my children. I find no better joy than watching them learn and grow everyday. My hope is that one day they will take all of what my husband and I work so hard to instill in them, and become something spectacular. Our children may not have tangible legacies, filled with large bank accounts and vacation homes in the Hamptons. However they do have something even better, they have learned from the moment they were born that they …show more content…
How could you not want your children to have money or stability first? The fact is, I do want my children to have money and stability, but I also want them to be good people and earn it. I want them to work hard for every penny they have so they appreciate every penny they have. I whole heartedly believe in the old saying "hard work pays off". I have never met a hard working person that wasn 't [3] completely satisfied with their lives. By hard work, I am referring to hard work in every aspect of their lives. I want them to not only work hard at a job, but at relationships, with their families, and for their passions. When I am dead and gone, the only thing I will have left behind is my children. My legacy is not fortune or fame, my legacy is two little boys. Two little boys that could change the world if given the chance. I may have high hopes for these little humans, however, at the end of the day it is not material objects that will guide my children into becoming upstanding citizens and exceptional family men, it is what I teach them. I hope that I am up for the

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