Personal Narrative: My Best Child

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I was born April 3, 2002, on a Wednesday night. It was a beautiful day. I saw my mother and family for the first time. I can’t say that I knew my life was going to be perfect but I knew I was going to make it the best. I’m not going to say I’m the best child in the world because I’m not. I have my ups and downs as everyone else, but I’m only a child. I haven’t seen all that the world has to offer me, but I know I’ve seen some of its best.
After being born, I spent four days in the hospital before I went to my new home. It was a large house, my grandmother’s house. That day I came home I met my two favorite cousins, Autumn and Heaven. They were a lot older than me but as we grew up we were very close. I could even call them my sisters because that’s what they have been to me. Since I was a newborn I don’t know what exactly happened until I was about 2 years old. I was told though, that on the day I went home that Heaven thought I was a live doll just for her. However, we grew up together and are best friends.
When I was two I had the best childhood. I was feed, clothes, and treated like a princess. When I was three, I have one of the best memories. It is when I was learning how to ride a bike. It was in Jamaica at my Nana’s house. I had my little Dora bike. I did not know how to ride it.
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During the age of five, I don’t remember much, but my favorite memory is my graduation day. Even though that was a little graduation my mother made it as if I was getting my bachelor degree. I was so proud when I walked up to get my certificate. I could hear my family screaming my name. I was excited. Yes, I was excited about the graduation, but as a child, I was more interested in what was coming after it. After the graduation was a little kids party. There was a bouncy house, food, and all my friends were there. We played for hours until it was time to go. After that summer, I went back to America to go to

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