Essay on Anabolic Steroids And Sports Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Athletes around the world are doing whatever it takes to be the best. The competition is fierce, and the athletes are pushed to be great by coaches and even parents. There is only so much an athlete can do to get bigger, faster, and stronger. The pressure to be great is causing athletes to resort to performance-enhancing drugs to get results faster. The process of using performance-enhancing drugs to get athletic results faster is called doping (Performance-enhancing). Anabolic steroids can be effective with helping athletes get bigger, faster, and stronger, but athletes risk their life and long-term side effects for a sport. Anabolic steroids are synthetic steroids that cause muscle growth. Athletes take performance-enhancing drugs without knowing anything about them. Athletes don’t realize how harmful these anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs can be to their bodies. These steroids can cause serious medical problems such as heart attacks and cancer. Athletes don’t even know for sure that doping will give them the results that they want. A popular performance-enhancing drug is a human growth hormone. Athletes use human growth hormones to gain muscle mass and performance (Performance-enhancing). There aren’t scientific studies that show that human growth hormones improve either strength or endurance (Performance-enhancing). Doping has been attempted to be resolved. It is generally against the rules to take these drugs while participating in sports. Most…

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