Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports Essay

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Performance enhancing drugs in sports should not be tolerated and should be banned. The taking of these Performance Enhancing Drugs just isn't fair, we’re encouraging youth (teens) to take these drugs and it can have dramatic health risks weather if it is short or long term damage.

Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports (Mainly steroids) give the consumer an unfair advantage on rivals/Competitors. It really isn't fair if one athlete who has the financial means to buy these products has an unfair advantage because of the steroids and not their normal/natural raw skills? If drugs (Steroids) in sports are allowed, then it wouldn't really be a competition on who is better or more skilled, it would then be a competition on who created and who can
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They may not be visible until many years later, but when discovered can lessen the quality of life in later years and could even cause a premature (early) death. For example, a bodybuilder who was known as Zyzz, Zyzz was idolized by many kids, teens, and even some adults. It was known that he had taken steroids that put a lot of stress on his body which contributed to his early death at the age of 22 years old.

To conclude, Performace enhancing drugs give an unfair advantage, are harmful to athletes and give bad signals to the later generation. If we allow Performance Enhancing drugs (Steroids) to be used, then we have lost all meaning of competition. Competition is designed to show how hard athletes have worked and that's why we admire them. With the uprising of these drugs, we should be banning and destroying them, not running into them.

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So by saying this, if the person takes the enhancements, then they shouldn't even be allowed to play or have even followed their goal to be an athlete if they’re gonna depend on an unfair advantage. Unless you have a disability or tough time doing actions and such, that's the only time, but if you use them other than for that reason, you made the wrong career choice and should rethink it over

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