Essay about An Online Search For Financial Advice

987 Words Dec 6th, 2016 4 Pages
At the end of July, I considered giving up on scholarship writing again. With all the hours I poured into my last essay, it felt like a slap in the face that they didn’t even send a “thank you for trying” letter. I spent the announcement day sitting on my in-law’s porch sipping coffee with Baileys and stewing over yet another essay contest loss. What did the winners do that I did not? Moreover, how do some authors become so famous when I struggled to write a simple essay? Meditating on this, chin resting on curled fingers the same way authors pose for pictures, I wonder if I keep losing contests because my life is not exciting enough to be a good writer. By 2016, U of L’s tuition jumped to a chest tightening $11,068 which made it impossible for me to continue paying for school out of pocket. In an online search for financial advice, I found two authors, Kristina Ellis and Marianna Ragins, who each won $500,000 and $400,000 in scholarships before they even graduated high school. Their books, Confessions of a Scholarship Winner and Winning Scholarships for College, gave me the idea to try scholarship writing to pay tuition over balancing school with multiple jobs. While I think about how much easier it would be to get tuition money with a second job, I can 't bring myself to give up on this project yet. I am enjoying the challenges of learning how to write more than I hate losing the contests. I have no delusion to believe I could win $400,000 in scholarships,…

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