An Introduction Of Group Work Practice Essay example

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Toseland, R. W., & Rivas, R. F. (2012). Planning the group. In R.W. Toseland & R.F. Rivas. An introduction to group work practice. (7th ed.), (pp. 160-196). Boston: Allyn & Bacon.
The first part of planning involves forming the group and the second one – adjustments by the leader and the members during the group development. Forming involves focus on the individual member, group as a whole, and the environment. Model for planning both treatment and task groups includes the following actions: establishing the group’s purpose; assessing potential sponsorship and membership; recruiting members; composing the group; screening members for appropriateness and orienting them to the group; contracting for group procedures and contracting for individual members goals; preparing a group’s environment (the physical setting, arrangements to accommodate members with special needs, and financial support); reviewing the literature about the group being planned (e.g., relevant evidence-based manuals and curricula); selecting monitoring and evaluation tools; preparing a written group proposal; planning virtual groups (via telephone or the Internet).
Among the advantages of telephone groups are, for example, convenience and accessibility, ability to reach homebound people, or people who lack transportation. Among the disadvantages are: lack of nonverbal clues in assessing members’ needs, distortions caused by technological problems, distractions within member’ home environment. Computer…

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