An International Baccalaureate Scholar, The National Honor Society President, And A Goodyear Youth Commission Member

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Parents raise children; Teacher educate their students; politicians represent their communities; scientists create new technologies and innovations. All of these people share a common goal: a commitment to serve their role in the world. No matter the breadth of their efforts, they all are working towards changing the world, beginning with their communities. Personally, I have taken this idea and applied it to my own life, hoping to improve the world through my actions. Throughout high school, I have been blessed to have taken a part in several clubs, jobs, sports and internships that expand throughout the community. I believe that the determining factor for making a difference is largely dependent on the actions of others, in which I would have no control; However, when we reach a defining moment in which our efforts pay dividends to our communities, a sense of fulfillment is achieved and a difference is made. Becoming an International Baccalaureate Scholar, the National Honor Society President, and a Goodyear Youth Commission member all have provided me opportunities to contribute to my school and community.

As National Honor Society President, my duty is to represent a group of Millennium High School’s most dedicated students. As a regular member last year, I noticed that many of the members were bored with the volunteer functions that were released every month, so they simply stopped volunteering altogether. When I ran for President last year, I wanted to make sure…

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