Essay about An Institution Of Higher Learning

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The sky was a gorgeous blue, golden sun shining down, thousands of new faces walking around smiling. “Honestly, you don’t need this much stuff.” My mom dragged another bag into my new dorm. “Let’s just hope none of it is mine.” My dad joked. The mood was light because I was finally moving into the University of Vermont. No one expected this a couple months ago, but now dreams were becoming a reality. Evan and I put piles of my clothes away while my parents continued to drag more bags into the room. “I can’t wait to take your bed.” My brother told me. “Although there is a good chance you will get kicked out before I can take it.” My parents looked at each other with discomfort despite the happiness of the day. I never planned on spending four more years in Burlington. Hell, I didn’t even want to stay in New England. But here I am, enrolled in an institution of higher learning, only a five minutes walk from my house, and to be honest, I couldn’t be happier about it. Choosing the University of Vermont is easily the greatest decision I have ever made. “So what if it has only been two weeks since I moved in?” I will respond when people doubt me, “My next four years here are going to be incredible, I can feel it.”
I used to doubt myself too. I always thought UVM was way too close to home, considering my Trinity Campus dorm is further from central campus than where I spent the last eighteen years of my life. But like I said, it is going to be incredible here, I can already feel…

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