An Form Of Immaterial Labour Essay example

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The first form of immaterial labour is intellectual or linguistic labour. Rose et al (2015) describe this form of labour as “problem solving, symbolic and analytic tasks, and linguistic expressions. This kind of immaterial labour produces ideas, symbols, codes, texts, linguistic figures, images, and other such products” (p4). The second form of immaterial labour is termed as affective labour. This form of immaterial labour deals with “affects such as feeling of ease, well-being, satisfaction, excitement, or passion” (p4).
Society has subconsciously become part of the digi-global world, which has made a strong social and cultural impact upon society; one could refer to it as the single key to connecting different cultures, religions and people together through various methods. One such method is the use of the social networking platform called Instagram. “It is a media-sharing online platform whose popularity has been rising up to gather hundred millions users. Instagram exhibits a mixture of features including social structure, social tagging and media sharing. The network of social interactions among users models various dynamics, including follower/followee relations and users ' communication by means of posts/comments. Users can upload and tag media such as photos and pictures, and they can "Like" and comment each piece of information on the platform.” (Ferrara, Interdonato & Tagarelli 2014). Unlike other social networking sites, Instagram is popular due to its…

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