Essay On Explanation Of Beauty

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“The truth and ideals that form the foundation of beauty should not be viewed as identical with logical truth and ideals” (Kitaro). This is said in Nishida Kitaro’s article “An Explanation of Beauty” where he is explaining that he thinks beauty should not be formed or viewed based on the ideas of logic. Some people may agree with his idea of beauty, and others may not. However, this is just his view of beauty. Everyone in the world, whether he or she knows it or not, has a different way they view beauty. My view of beauty is that different areas of the body are able to detect different features of an object, and therefore people are able to feel pleasure from a variety of objects as a result.
To begin the journey to find my idea of beauty, some articles were given to me to find my first idea. First, was an article called “A Billion Years of Beauty” by Richard Monastersky. In this article, Monastersky talks about how some people view a dinosaur skeleton as beautiful. He also talks about how fossils were replicated due to the inability of being able to taking the original fossil due to the location that they were found in. People went back and forth discussing if the replica of the fossil was art because of the fossil itself, or if the fossil was art because of
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This whole process gave me a chance to really dig deeper into the idea of beauty and discover why the things I found beautiful were beautiful to me. This was an amazing chance to be able to analyze one’s mind and be able to see how their thought process works when it comes to something of this nature. Through this entire project, I discovered that beauty does matter in my life, because if beauty did not matter, I would not be able to see this world as positively as I do, and that these special parts of the world, including beauty, would not be visible to

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