An Example Of Change Speech: Graduation Speech

950 Words 4 Pages Change Story
Moving to west sylvan from richmond
Missing old friends
Meeting new ones
Not being confident and trusting myself.
Being an outsider and finding ways to be accepted What did you do? Why is this interesting to your audience?
My parents told me that one way to be accepted was to play sports; to be
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Overall Part
Change is inevitable
We are about to go into high school
We reflect on our elementary and middle school experiences
Take control of your futures
Live past the changes and challenges in life
It is a transformation everyone goes through, whether it's for the better or for the worse
Changed physically
Changed intellectually
Changed personally
No one really likes change because you or going out of your comfort zone and going into the unknowns
Change creates new
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My parents still tell me to do my chores, still tell me to go to bed, still tell me to do my homework - they haven’t changed. My teachers still lecture us in class, still give us tests, still give us homework - that hasn’t changed. And, school still starts too early - that definitely should change. My classmates - we have all changed. Maybe to our teachers’ surprise - we were listening, we did question, we learned, we did change.
For many of us that change made us a little more tentative, a little less comfortable to speak up. For some of us change included, finding our voice, speaking up, speaking out on worldly topics, and enjoying our homework assignments. Recent events can accelerate change in ourselves and others. Events like the tragic Max stabbings brought an awareness for all of us to be willing to speak up and stand up to social injustice and to not tolerate violence. Change can also be imperceptibly slow, slow to the point that you don’t even notice that it happened. My dad always says that most organizations are unable to take leaps when it comes to change, instead, they accept change by taking baby

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