Essay about An Event That Is Done At The Stem Program

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Elwin Portillo

Columbia High School

Mrs. Crill

Reflective Essay Final Paper

Science Olympiad an event that is done in the STEM program. Being in STEM has been a new experience, especially with Science Olympiad. By taking this class I have been able to understand things differently and I also learned new skills. Each skill that I have learned has been a great influence and I will continue to hold on to them. With this project there was a lot of things that I felt satisfied with but there were many habits that I needed to improve on. With this reflection I hope to achieve a better understanding of myself and on the ways I acted, so I can improve. Taking stem gave me a new experience and the events I did and how I did them, is what I am looking to reflect on.

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math. In STEM I have taken classes that focus on STEM relative activities. Once I chose STEM I didn’t know what i was getting myself into before Science Olympiad came up. Science Olympiad is an event that NNU hosts every year in the Treasure Valley. On the day of Science Olympiad, schools widely known to the very hidden ones come from all over Idaho to participate. Students of these schools are in groups of two where they will participate in at least two events. One of them being a build event where students have to physically build and test their device, the other one is an academic event where students do research on their topic, and…

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