An Evaluation Of Intervention ( Rti ) Team Essay example

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A response to intervention (RTI) team should consist of people who work directly with the student, and other important decision makers. These people may include: parents of the student, the special education teacher, the general education teacher, the principal, school psychologist, RTI coordinator, reading specialist, support staff, and speech and language specialist. The parents may be helpful for providing information about the student’s background and developmental history. Parents can also gain helpful insight on their child’s progress to help them learn different skills at home. The special education teacher can consult with the general education teacher on ways to teach struggling students. Also, special education teachers can help put the RTI plan into action, and provide more intensive intervention if needed. The general education teacher can deliver instructions and help with screening students. They can also provide targeted interventions to students. The general education teacher can keep records of the student’s progress. These records will inform the RTI team about how well the plan is working. In addition, they should attend meetings and keep in touch with the parents. The principal should play an important role of the RTI team as well. The principal should consult with teachers and attend RTI meetings. The principal should oversee the administrative details of the RTI plan. Also, the principal should assign staff to work with students. The school…

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