Essay on An Effective Reading Teacher Uses Different Strategies

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An effective reading teacher uses different strategies to engage the readers. The teacher integrates the reading, writing, and other language activities and carries out a language arts program. Students are individually, culturally and linguistically different from each other, and they learn reading in different ways. Developing fluency is a goal of a balanced literacy program. Silent reading for comprehension help students remember that reading is first and think the words in their minds. Activate prior knowledge by questioning, predicting and discussing to make connection and motivate learners.
Vocabulary development is built in multiple ways. Represent word meanings multiple ways allow learners plentiful access to vocabulary. Multiple representations provide diverse learners opportunities to use the visual, auditory, and social modes of learning they prefer. Using context provide clear, direct explanations of unfamiliar words. Relying on context does not always directly reveal the meanings of unfamiliar words.
Book discussions give student the chance to talk about what they have read, sharing what they know and investigating what is unknown. It also promotes social skills. To maintain the discussion in response to questions, I should say tell me more about that and what else can be said. If the student’s comments are unclear, ask for clarifications with questions such as “what do you mean?”
In order to connect reading and writing with literature, I can have students…

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