An Effective Leader From A Mediocre Leader Essay

733 Words Jan 19th, 2016 3 Pages
Business leaders are everywhere. Sometimes they work in collaborative teams in an office or review a budget for an upcoming year. It is worth noting that only a few traits are what differentiate an effective leader from a mediocre leader—which is incredibly important in an increasingly competitive business world. The traits that make a business leader effective are trust, identifying problems when they occur, and communication. The ability to work in a social environment is something that is not only mandatory, but a skill that must be finely tuned in order to work effectively in a business environment. When somebody does not get a report in on time, an effective leader will consider options for how that person can better handle the situation next time, whether it is by actual reassignment, or extra job training or even incentives so that employee does the job they were assigned and effectively. The quicker a manager or supervisor gets angry, the less effective he might be. In “How to Repair a Damaged Professional Relationship” (Document 2) written by Dorie Clark, one can clearly understand what she is getting at when she says, “…you need to change the dynamic”. By this, clearly Clark is referring to the way in which you choose to interact with you fellow coworkers, especially those who one might have bitterness towards. Clark is suggesting that perhaps changing yourself is the first step in changing a negative relationship with a coworker. Working with someone is…

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