Effective Project Managers: A Case Study

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What Qualities Make an Effective Leader? In a 2008 International Journal of Operations & Productions Management article, “Leadership Styles of Effective Project Managers: Techniques and Traits to Lead High
Performance Teams”, researchers defining success, utilizing a four component model (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). Their model consists of key components identified as valuable assets for high performance teams; impact, business success, efficiency, and future preparation (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). Impact, includes the benefit to the customers, the products and their overall value to the customer; important for fostering the retention of clientele (Malach-Pines, Dvir, & Sadeh, 2008). Business success, is identified by
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The intention of this study was to identify core characteristics prevalent in successful cross-functional team effectiveness. Cross-functional teams are widely perceived as the most effective way to build a functional team, utilizing unique skillsets from each team member to produce an effective well-rounded look at projects, day to day operations and protocols; valuing each individual’s expertise to have multiple vantage points. If an organization has a single cross-functional team in place, this team likely consists of employees from different departments, divisions, levels and expertise. Senior Marketing, human resource, accounting, customer service, legal, supply personal, each team member would bring their own experience and expertise to a meeting, while learning new perspectives from each other for the overall goal of the …show more content…
You will witness this in the daily attitude and actions of the ineffective leader, complaining the boss gave them a bum team, they always get the worst assignments, when they engage with their team in an unhealthy and negative manner, fueling their notion that it is “their team” against the “world”. This leadership style is destructive to the members, the leader and the company as a whole, as it breaks down trust, creativity and true teamwork. Often these leaders look to the effective teams as lucky not skilled. Success is limited with these leaders although, they have to ability to lead a team at a basic and mediocre

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