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Project Management Institution Ethical Concepts The Project Management Institution (PMI) is an organization with a mission to build a stronger more efficient professional environment for project managers and their teams. By doing this they developed the “Ethical Decision-Making Framework” or also referred to as EDMF, these guidelines was created to better conduct and manage ethical dilemmas in a professional way. However, using the EDMF guidelines are not mandatory, but suggested to be used when assessing and acting on certain common issues (PMI 2012).
Michael O’Brochta and his team at PMI developed five sequential steps for conducting dilemma management. The first step in the EDMF is to assess facts and other details that caused the dilemma.
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Choices company’s make when handling dilemmas will reflect the way business issues are corrected that reflect their reputation. Company stakeholders expect the organization to withhold a higher code of ethics and follow through with promises. The code of ethics used by project managers encourages trust and respect within their shareholders and clients (O’Brochta …show more content…
The dilemmas with stealing the credit from another coworker, acknowledges an honesty concern. It is necessary for project managers to advocate for truthfulness with their teams communications and conduct. The impact of promoting honesty within a professional environment will lead to employees to supporting others that admit their mistakes and attempt to improve relationships after an impasse (PMI 2016).
Policies and procedures are put in place so people should never fear, or instigate retaliation, regarding other colleagues. Another dilemma is when employees act in an unethical way by dishonestly reporting a coworker of misconduct as a way to reciprocate from prior issues. This behavior is significant ethical concern that project managers need to address immediately before the situation escalates. The impact of this could result in one or both employees being let go or changing departments if they can no longer work together without causing conflict (PMI 2016).
Ethical Dilemma

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