Ethical Ethics In A Company

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Ethics can be described as an acceptable code of conduct or behaviour someone exhibits or is expected to display in a society. That behaviour is dictated by various scenarios or situations that are different in nature. For example in a company there are various ethical issues that dictate how the company runs. These ethical issues can be internal or external in nature. Internal ethical issues mainly involve the shareholders of a company, employees and the management. External issues focus more on the relationship of the company with the outside environment. It can be the company and its suppliers, community it operates in and government agencies.
For example, suppliers are very critical players in the day to day operations of a company. In
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The reputation of my company is at stake and a solution is needed to safeguard the future growth of the company. This therefore becomes an ethical issue and a good framework of ethical decision making is needed to solve the stalemate. One of the actions I may take is going back to the drawing board. Going to the drawing board means dissolving the current suppliers and choosing the suppliers that my company will work with. This action will be motivated by the fairness and utilitarian and virtue approach to ethics in selecting new partner. The suppliers who go an extra mile to contribute to the welfare and profitability to the company will be considered for partnership. Going back to the drawing board will be critical to establishing which suppliers are consistent in supplying and supply quality goods and services to the company on time.
Another action I would take is having a well set quality requirements for the suppliers. In this decision, I will involve the suppliers in collectively coming up with a formula of the quality needed by my company. This is because making the suppliers to be part of the quality decision making process will make it possible for the company to get quality supplies. In this case the utilitarian approach will be applicable since its will entail which action points will yield maximum benefits at the lowest
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In this case, I will perform an audit of the payment process to establish if the delays are being deliberately caused by the accounting employees’. I will also seek to establish whether the payment system is up-to-date and meets the required international standards. The utilitarian approach to ethics will be employed together with the virtue approach to ethics. This is to establish which actions will produce the greatest efficiency at the lowest cost. This action also has to be in line with ideals and values of the company. This action is necessary so as to determine if the suppliers are not getting paid on time and

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