The Most Important Characteristics Of Leadership Is A Model For Success

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Leadership provides direction, fosters innovation, and offers a model for success. In leadership, a leader must lead by example and be willing act out the same directives that are asked of team members. When looking to identify the most valuable characteristics present in leadership, one must acknowledge the admired traits of individuals to equate to a leadership figure. There are many attractive facets that lead to a beloved leader. Although there is the ability to identify three imperative traits that make leadership great, alone, they may not provide the most efficient results for a team, but they are needed to ensure the stability of the group. While I concede most of the leadership traits are trainable, I also credit the development of these attributes to a lifetime of experience. I believe that strong leadership ethics are paramount and the most valuable of these characteristics are confidence, accountability, and decisiveness.

First, confidence is the foundation of leadership; it sets the tone for
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It was once said by Theodore Roosevelt that “In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” The most admired leadership positions haven’t always been successful, but they have included action and decisiveness. A leader’s role is to act as the decision maker and instruct a team to work together for a common objective. Without decisiveness in leadership, there would be no innovation, progress, or improvement. I believe to develop skills in making decisions, one must have experience with immediate action; individuals will need to know what it is like to make the wrong decision to improve their ability to assess how to make the right decision. As with all of these characteristics, to fail is to

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