Essay on An Awareness Of Safe Clinical Practice

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I have demonstrated an awareness of safe clinical practice within my own limitations and the environment in which I practice in the following ways:
• In Albany and Karratha you are given significant autonomy over your patients. I have become more comfortable with making decisions for my patients, however at the same time I understand when I require guidance. At these moments, I seek the expertise of my supervisor, the physician teams or place a call to specialties at tertiary centres. On ward cover, when there is an acutely deteriorating patient I have called a code blue when it is outside my capabilities but begin managing the patient from the basics of airway, breathing and circulation. I have transferred care of patients to tertiary centres via RFDS when the treatment ceiling has been reached. This requires an understanding of limitations of your ability, the facilities, resources and professional training of staff.
• As part of safe clinical practice I am consistently involved in consenting patients for a variety of procedures. I provide information sheets and ensure patients have time to think about the decision. I have been asked at times to consent for complex surgeries, however given my little experience with such surgeries I often request my registrar to either educate me on the process or conduct the consent themselves.
• Participating in the new medical evening handover session at AHC has been important in creating awareness of unwell patients that may require…

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