An Article On Good Advertising Essay

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Over the years society has adopted certain behaviors, trends, and consumer habits. When individuals reflect on the past and how society is now they are quick to say that technology is responsible. This may be true, but what convinced consumers to buy all these products as society continued to advance? The answer to that question is advertising. Good advertising is the reasons why we follow certain trends, buy certain goods, and adopt certain behavior habits. In an article by Business Standard on of the collaborators, Anil Jayaraj, had this to say about advertising: “Ads don 't just sell us cars, beauty products or clothes. They also sell us a lifestyle by celebrating a certain way of living or thinking.” By doing this advertising has taught us that the products a person buys can determine certain things such as social status. By doing this ads, are continuously stressing the importance of extrinsic values. In an article by Make Wealth History, extrinsic values are negative values that are more materialistic than self loving or rewarding. These values include: conformity, image, financial success, achievement, and power.
Society depends on name brands to reflect one’s social status and that doesn’t just apply to clothing, cars, and etc. This kind of thinking can also be applied to alcohol consumption. Certain ads for alcohol tend to have a well-dressed person with peers in an expensive looking setting, what can you conclude from this? Most viewers can conclude that the…

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