An Analysis Of Senior English Essay

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Self Evaluation:

An Analysis of Senior English

Senior year is filled with both excitement and an overload of stress. While still attending high school and its workload, pile college applications and scholarships on top of all that. Most seniors feel ‘senioritis’ during their senior year and it getting past it becomes one of the hardest parts of senior year. We tend to forget that although we are so close to being done with high school, that we still have time and work left in high school that needs to be done. Evidently, a majority of the work that still needs to be done before that relieving day of graduation is McGee’s english homework. As many other seniors, this work came as a struggle to me because my senioritis had taken over and taken my motivation with it. Although, I did not accomplish most of the work that was assigned in McGee’s english class, I learned a lot throughout my senior year in his class. This year in Mr. McGee’s Senior English taught me the influence of using a day planner to stay organized through the work load, however I also learned that I have a tendency to forget what was due and then just not do it.

One of the things I was able to accomplish throughout this school year was using my day planner. I was able to stay much more organized by using the day planner, since the first three years of my high school career my planner meant nothing to me. I actually just recently lost my planner and I feel lost without it because I have no idea…

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