An Alternative Gun Licensing System Essay

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An Alternative Gun Licensing system in the United States
Gun control is a widely debated topic in America particularly following mass shooting cases. For all the debate on the subject it no consensus has been reached on a solution. The current system of background checks is insufficient to prevent criminal access to guns but an alternative system can alleviate or solve these issues. The current system of gun background checks cannot be feasibly expanded however a licensing system can be created to cover the loopholes in federal gun control law. A thorough examination of issues raised by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, or ATF, will showcase the failings of the current system. The gun control debate centers around expanding gun law to include outright bans or restricting law to include forbidding gun ownership altogether. Data shows that these routes will not be good to the system due to rampant non-compliance. Only an alternative licensing system will address the myriad of issues surrounding gun control in the United States.
Why can simply expanding the current system not address these issues? The problem with this is the manner in which it is proposed to expand current law. Expanding gun control has been identified as ineffective and potentially dangerous alternative. In a gun control debate it is stated that “resistance with a gun appears to be the most effective [response] in preventing serious injury [to victims, and] for preventing property”…

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