American Culture : Culture And Culture Essay

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When people think of Americanism, there is rarely a diverse range of thought that they identify as idealistic Americanism. Despite the overwhelming number of early cultures present in America, traditional American culture is often considered as the later-formed, individualistic cowboy culture, rugged Americans who worked hard and provided for themselves their entire lives. In contrast, American culture, current values and distinctiveness that identifies Americans, has always been more than one culture. Diversity, a core American value, means cultural integration, or the inclusion of the best parts of many cultures with varying beliefs and identities. Many Americans believe that accepting elements from non-traditional American culture will destroy American culture; however, America has always had indigenous and immigrant cultures, showing that accepting positive aspects of diverse cultures could make American culture stronger, more optimized, and more exceptional for everyone influenced by American culture.
American culture should include the vast cultures of the United States and not simply limit itself to a singular, pre-accepted culture. While traditional American culture is often limited to European history and achievements, America advertises itself as a melting pot because it understands the benefits of including the best of many cultures. As such, its history and culture should include advancements from more than one sole race and lifestyle, instead of perpetuating an…

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