The Bill Of Rights Impact On American Culture

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American political culture defines political attitudes, institutions, and activities that are most appreciated in American political life. The American vision has been characterized by several familiar basics. The Bill of Rights went into effect in 1791. Its importance was to protect the freedom and rights of Americans and its effect on American citizens can be seen even today. The Bills Of Rights is the foundation of American Government. Many books explain the influence of The Bill of Rights on American political culture: The Bill of Rights Primer A Citizens Guidebook to The American Bill of Rights by Amar Akhil Redd, James Madison and The Struggle for the Bill of Rights by Labunski Richard E., The Bill of Rights A History in Document by Patrick, …show more content…
Many federal and state laws give additional rights. The best way to protect religious liberty was to keep the administration out of the belief. Keeping the government out of all of the amendments was the key to helping the nation to evolve. Not only does The Bill of Rights on American political culture protect the citizens from government, but it protects the government from being overthrown. The Bill of Rights on American political culture has made a path to where there are options in life. The effects on life are not just made off the United States Constitution; there is a right to privacy and to be free as long as another’s rights are not abused. Citizen rights are valued above those of the government. The Bill of Rights on American political culture has had a major effect on society in various ways and has progressed and evolved over the years. There have been many changes and adjustments involving the government and citizens. Society was privileged to have come upon the Bill of Rights so that there could have been structure and laws that kept society able and to have and make decisions and

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