Essay On American Political Culture

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The American political culture contains various concepts and values. Indeed, Americans share the same perspectives, the support in the ideals of individualism and liberty. The idea of individualism encompasses the idea that we as Americans have rights. For instance, we can make independent decisions, and we are responsible for our lives. We define liberty as having the freedom to do as we please with limits in the interest of having a stable society. It has been twenty-five years after one of the greatest men, who help our nation create a national government has died. Alexander Hamilton was a lawyer, “a veteran of the Continental Army and a hero of the Battle of Yorktown.” The American political culture is tangle with our honor culture. Because …show more content…
Americans value their reputation and defend their beliefs. By supporting their honors, political elites were demonstrating that they are meant to lead. The role of honor in American political culture stated that you were a gentleman. The idea of the self-made man is admirable and celebrated in America. America is a nation of newcomers; we were let free from traditions and came to a land full of opportunities. The social behavior of pulling yourself up is within the American spirit. Benjamin Franklin is a perfect example that any man who embraces the values and concepts of America could rise, for this reason, virtues and character traits play a significant role in the culture of honor and politics. The ideas of liberty and individualism were foundations to honor culture. Since political actors are gentlemen, their reputation matters. Gentlemen asserted their self-worth, they are individuals who are less dependent on how others view them to an extent. Dueling is an evidence of character; it is an event of honor only under extreme pressure. In other words, man will duel when the insults reached a point when the gentleman could not ignore

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