Common Values Among Americans

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Among Americans, they have different values relating to society determines the beliefs on what is good for everybody. Americans are raise with values and protected by the United States satisfying their pride. Americans take participation on politics usually have comprehensive that sets up political process. We hold our own opinion regardless of the public opinion leading to controversy of common and differ values. A common value is how Americans are proud and have love for their country. Others have different meaning of values when disagreement of principles are challenge with limits of boundaries political system.
A common value is equality, but as time has progress, today we witness inequality of injustice. Citizens believe in a society where the government should treat everyone as equal because a small portion agrees with government improving their roles in social and economic for minorities becoming equal. If the government improve what society feels it lacks then perhaps Americans will change their views of government with gaining knowledge of politics’ belief like the meaning of equality, everyone able to access it. Americans are raised to be proud of their country
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Some trust the government while others never trusted the government because others suppose the majority of people should be involve with politics protecting the minorities. Basically the government should work as for the people by the people, but that creates unlimited powers toward the majority instead protect the minorities from it. A survey was asked, the responses where “only people who were well informed about issues should be allowed to vote in election in which questions relating to tax-supported undertaking”. (1st author etal.#152) Majority rules over minorities when they agree on individuals who pay taxes should be allowed to vote on electoral

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