Analysis Of American Political Culture Values In The 1830s

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The American political culture values in the 1830s are in some measure alike for instance, the values in the 1830s were liberty, equality, democracy, individualism and much more. There difference from the 1830s and the 21st century are the concept of the definition and the society we now live in with technology and how each citizen has a voice in the government. The difference in the 1830s is that other countries such as France had an eye on America and how abundant the Americans were and how the political or lack feudal aristocracy had to do with it. Nowadays, the current values of American political culture appear to be a postmaterialist and this is believed that this value emerges when some members of the society have experienced a high …show more content…
This also begins in an early childhood and continues throughout life and this has a huge influence whether the mindset or beliefs are changed over years. Now, there are agents of socialization such as family, education and peers which indicates the concept of political socialization. When it comes to family, this is the most important or the influence of parents. Then education deals with the school and the teacher, the scholars in a field of study (these are personal factors that all influence people’s political values) . After that comes peers and this is the peer acceptance and friendships. However, the United States always stresses on teaching of democracy and the capitalist values too. These help people process their ideas about politics which is the definition of political socialization. For example, in the United States there are two parties the democrats and the republicans and a person can say they are a lifelong democrat and this is caused since their family were grown as a democrat, therefore, that person will consider their self as a lifelong democrat. Yet, even if that person does not take an affiliation about their parent’s words then they will take up to an older sibling which is a system of general political traditions and

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