America 's Iron Curtain Of The United States Essay

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America’s Iron Curtain
There are an estimated half a million people who pour into America illegally. However, our country was founded by immigrants and many are now very successful running their own businesses and even have multiple generations of legal children in the United States so it may be considered morally be wrong to punish them. illegal immigrants are "The unauthorized resident immigrant population is defined as all foreign-born non-citizens who are not legal residents. Most unauthorized residents either entered the United States without inspection or were admitted temporarily and stayed past the date they were required to leave."(Michael, Nancy, and Bryan 1) Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton wants to show them the path to citizenship and help them gain full rights. Republican candidate Donald Trump wants to attempt to deport illegal immigrants out of the United States. My solution would be stronger border patrol implemented hiring unemployed citizens as border patrol and paying them with the money generated from the fines paid by illegal immigrants in order for legality in the United States. This is a prominent issue in the 2016 election which both candidates have polar opposite views in.
Hillary’s immigration reform will provide many benefits including humane treatment of illegal immigrants, end family detention, and provide a National Office of Immigrant Affairs to help illegal families integrate into American society. Humane treatment is a huge issue for…

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