America 's Cyber Security Is At Risk Essay

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America’s Cyber Security is at Risk

The FBI is going too far, they are not just trying to get into the San Bernardino shooters phone but they are trying to take control and survey private technology. This case is a lot more than what it seems, this argument is about the privacy of information of the American people. If they create the backdoor to the iPhone it would be the same as a master key to a certain kind of door, and why should they be trusted with that power. The government’s intentions are good with what they are asking for but if companies don’t fight for the right to be private and not be forced to hack into their own products, the power could be abused. Which is why Private American companies should not be forced to hack into their own products because it can expose private information, reduce consumer confidence, and the government is not trustworthy of this power.

If private American companies let the government make them hack into their own products not only the consumers would be at risk of losing information but so would the companies because of a decrease in sales, risk of economic problems, and the threat of company information being exposed. No one would want to buy from a company that is under surveillance, it could make them feel exposed, there are businesses that have fail because they had a breach and even though they fixed it customer satisfaction went down and caused the businesses to go bankrupt. Tim Cook made a statement in…

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