America Wasting Too Much Money On College Essay

852 Words Feb 28th, 2016 4 Pages
William A. Henry III made a proposal as an answer to America wasting too much money on college. Suggesting that too many Americans are going to college, only to end up, most likely dropping out. Henry III says that we “reduce, over perhaps a five-year span, the number of high school graduates who go to college from nearly 60% to a still generous 33%.” If we, as a people, could take the necessary steps to turn Henry III’s proposal into a reality, then the American workforce could have a chance to balance out. For example, there would be more graduates that would join the working force right out of high school before they waste any money attempting to earn a degree that is supposed to allow them the benefit of a high paying career. Only too late do they realize the fault in their plans. They could have already had a nice little nest egg saved up in the time it took to earn that unnecessary bachelors or masters degree. Marty Nemko stated that, “According to the U.S. Department of Education, despite colleges having dumbed-down classes to accommodate to the weak students, among college freshmen who graduated in the bottom 40% of their high school class. 76 of 100 won’t earn a diploma, even if given 8 ½ years.” Wow. With numbers that dismal, why do we have so many colleges and countless more community colleges? Weeding out those high school students who would spend thousands of dollars just to drop out seems like a great idea. It’s like the participation trophy/ribbon given to…

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