Essay on Americ The Land Of The Free

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America, the beautiful. The land of the free. The freedom to obtain certain unalienable rights, that aren’t necessarily given in other countries. We are considered a melting pot to some and hope for others. Our flag represents a courageous struggle to survive. This pride is emulated on every American’s face as we hear our national anthem. In that moment, we are one.
So what is an American really? Of course we know the legal definition of being an American, to be native or citizen of the United States. However, what about the people who receive their citizenship through the immigration route? Should they have the same rights as others who were born here? To view that answer, we simply must explore the facts.
Immigration is the process of moving people into a country in which they had not originated. Usually this occurs because they are motivated to leave their native countries. The motivation for people to move typically deals with lack of local access to resources. Some desire economic prosperity, family re-unification, or escape from prejudice and conflict.
To some this can seem difficult to understand, with all of their resources handed to them, they are unable to comprehend the disposition it places on a family to uproot hoping for a better future. In order for people to come to the United States, there are certain requirements and test that need to be completed to allow acceptance. Seems like a piece of cake, right? However, this is the epitome of a nightmare. U.S.…

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