Argumentative Essay: Is America The Greatest Country?

Lynus So
P. 4 How do we respond to the questions; “Is America the greatest country?”, “What is it like to live in America?”. Is it, “liberty and freedom” or “America gives me opportunities and chances for my life”? Is it the same response from the homeless and hungry? What do they say? What is liberty and freedom? Perhaps it simply means, living in America, we take responsibility for helping each other.
They cower in the streets of cities like Seattle, watching many people pass by wearing fancy clothing, carrying fancy handbags and carrying food but, what does the homeless and the poor have? Nothing but cloth for clothing, ripped up pants and a shirt, a cup with a few change and a dollar or nothing in it at all and a box for shelter and a cardboard sign saying things like; “Where is my freedom and opportunity?” People including me, try to make no eye contact with the homeless and I feel so much guilt from doing it but, are we Americans, really this cruel? How come immigrants are granted with their rights of freedom and opportunities
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We need a change, and a change that will help each other and our neighboring countries. Though, there is stations that gives the homeless food and a shelter for the time being, it still is not enough. Now, people should think twice about replying to the question; “Is America the greatest country?”. For my response to the question is, “no, we can’t be the greatest country from where we are now. And that we aren’t helping each other, helping our neighboring countries is difficult for how selfish we are, here in America. The homeless whom are poor and starving, are being ignored like they were trash, but they are as human as we are. They will sacrifice their own money to help others that are in need.” K’Naan says that, “when I get older, I will be stronger, they’ll call me freedom, just like a wavin’ flag”. It will be never too much to help the lives of

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