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Amazon is Britain's most influential retailer - and it doesn’t even make a profit
Amazon has become the biggest online retailer in the world and the most influential retailer in Britain, here are a couple of questions that shine a different light on the company.

When it generated sales of $15.7bn (£10.1bn) in its most recent quarter to June 30, how big were Amazon’s profits? Zero. It made a net loss of $7m.Given the retrenchment of retailers such as Tesco from the electrical market because of the growth of online sales.
What share of the UK electrical market does Amazon have?
Every retailer in the country – from Tesco to the corner shop newsagent – talks about how they are battling to evolve their own business to cope with
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Amazon is the clear market leader in a rapidly growing industry and experts predict it will be the ninth-biggest retailer in the world by 2018, despite having no stores. Over the past five years, shares in the company have risen by more than 500pc. In the UK, Amazon first arrived in 1998 through buying, which eventually became Amazon UK.
Amazon’s distribution network – which includes eight fulfilment centres in the UK – is unrivalled for speed. Meanwhile, Amazon’s website is also way ahead of other retailers in terms of how to condense its huge array of products into a relevant offering for customers, and how to encourage shoppers who visit the website to spend more than they intended.
Amazon’s technology allows it to suggest relevant products that customers might want to buy based on their previous searches and purchases, while personal emails are also sent to users.
Retail experts talk about how personalisation is the next big step for online retailing, but Amazon is already there. Amazon has 79% of e-book market in UK
Published September 12, 2013. By Lisa Campbell
An Ofcom study into consumers' digital consumption has found that Amazon has a dominant 79% share of the e-book market in the UK.
The survey, carried out between March-May 2013, has

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