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RUNNING HEAD: Amazon Is Hiring 1

Amazon Is Hiring… Customer Service Manager Recruiting/Staffing Strategy Dorothy Krafft OMM618: Human Resources Management Professor Cheryl Moore February 28, 2016

Amazon Is Hiring 2 As with many organizations, the recruiting process is one of the most important aspects when it comes to the employee-organization relationship. Any organization is capable of hiring an employee to fill an open position, but only a few organizations are capable of hiring an employee to create and maintain a long-term career with that particular organization. A large factor that differentiates from a job to a career would be the organization’s staffing process and the
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Of course, this is where the recruiting process plays a vital role within the relationship between Amazon and the future Customer Service Managers of the organization.
Amazon Is Hiring 3 When an organization decides to hire a new employee, there are many legal aspects to take into consideration. Some of these aspects may be required by law, while others may be additions decided upon by the organization and their Human Resources Department. First off, the organization must make sure that the individual is eligible to be employed within the United States, which is a requirement by law. This proof can be presented to Amazon by an individual’s social security card or work visa, which will be verified by Amazon through an I9. Once this area of the hiring process is completed, the candidate may be required to pass other areas of legal requirements brought upon by Amazon. These aspects could include areas such as a background check, drug test, motor vehicle record check, etc. Usually, the organization will determine which areas are required by what roles the candidate will be responsible for within their employment position. Seeing that the Customer Service Manager will be working directly with customers and other employees, it’s detrimental that the organization guarantees that the employee is trusted around other individuals. Different organizations go about hiring new employees with different methods, but

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