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Building an Email List From Your Amazon Customers

So you’re up and running as an Amazon FBA seller, perhaps with decent sales but still you desire to grow your business. While Amazon is a great place to display your products and have their orders fulfilled, it’s almost impossible to cultivate your customer base here.

As an Amazon seller, you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth. You’re taking advantage of Amazon’s astronomical traffic, gold-plated reputation and of course their invaluable FBA services. However, you’ve got to accept the fact they are first and foremost, Amazon’s customers.

Amazon also wants to protect their own business, ensuring customers come back to purchase through them as much as possible. So you can’t exactly blame them for keeping their customer’s data under lock and key!

As you sell your products, you are entitled to accessing certain forms of information, such as customer’s names, addresses and phone numbers, as you may need you to smooth over any shipping or selling issues. But they not handing over their email addresses, which forces you to message them primarily through Amazon’s messaging system.

What’s the Big Deal with Email Lists? If you didn’t know already, the real money is in the email list. In this day and age, business email lists are worth they weight in profits! Having direct access to your own list of previous customers, interested individuals, and potential future customers is a business asset you can’t do without.


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