Amazon Is The Shopping Method Of Choice Over The Past Years Essay

1200 Words Oct 17th, 2016 5 Pages
Amazon has become the shopping method of choice over the past years, as a result Amazon is now worth more as company than the archaic Walmart. Before the internet Walmart was the top one stop place to shop for all of someone’s needs. At the time it was the most innovative form of shopping the human race has seen. However, after the internet and eventually the perfection of Amazon there has been a drastic shift. People now prefer the form of online shopping of Amazon instead of Walmart. Over the past two years Walmart’s stock has declined greatly, and if they do not innovate and keep up with the times, they may struggle even more. They have made many attempts to catch up to Amazon but to no avail. As technologies develop internet shopping is going to become even more prevalent and common. Amazon is surpassing Walmart in preference for shopping because of the convenience of online shopping, Walmart’s reluctance to adapt, and the research, development and innovation of Amazon. Online shopping is a convenient form of shopping and has become more common place and efficient than driving to the store. Online shopping started as an idea as a way to monetize the internet. This was a crucial part of the internet, because once there was a way to make money through the internet is when businesses helped kick start the internet and make it as big as it is today. Ebay was one of the first websites to come up that focused on just online shopping. However, in the beginning it had issues…

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