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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Tamia Sessoms Hopkins

Dr. Prakash G. Menon

BUS508 The Business Enterprise

April 24, 2011

Entrepreneurial Leadership 2

The Abstract
It takes the right leadership to inspire a team and an organization. Having a successful business depends on having a great leader who can provide guidance. This paper will discuss the hybrid/philosophy I created including the new definition of entrepreneurial leaderhsip presented in Understanding Entreprenuerial Leadership in today’s Dyanamic Market. I will also describe what type of leaders thrives in organizations. I will then evaluate the Small Business Administration and SCORE and explain which resource is most useful in businesses. Lastly, I will
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This will increase productivity, increase innovation from the employee level and allow the business to continue to evolve with technology changes through ideas from the employees. Another trait that will be needed to be successful is the ability to think outside of the box and not be afraid to be a risk taker and implement a process that hasn’t been attempted before and run it through an incubator to test it before releasing it to full production or in service. Finally, in order for continous improvement to happen we as entrepreneurial leaders have to be able to see where we are going and we can’t accomplish this without seeing past the current project, product line or current system. We have to have the vision for success tomorrow and this happens through building the right team and investing in it.

Transactional, Transformational and Authentic Leaders 4 As far as a transactional leader is concerned they will do well in a result driven environment with an established standard set in place. They will also do well where the team understands the accoutability factor for not meeting their set expectation, but also being rewarded for meeting or exceeding the established expectation. The transactional leader thrives on being able to use the accountability and reward system as a driver to complete the goal of the department or facility. If communicated correctly, the transactional leader can be very successful by ensuring that there is a balance

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