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The bookselling industry is one of the steady growing industries which have estimated the sales of $27 billion in the year 2006. The sales of the books highly depend on different seasons. The industry has diverse customers who buy different categories of books which includes the trade books, college books, professional books, mass market paper-back books. With stiff competition across the market, the companies are strongly focusing on adopting different ways and means so as to attract more and more consumers and achieving high market share in the industry.
Company overview is considered to be the market player in the e-commerce industry (bookselling). was
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The company opts for innovative means and ways to attract more and more consumers and make themselves consumer friendly so as to provide consumers value which is one of the strongest aspect which helps in creating competitive advantage. With a focus on these strategies the company is able to achieve competitive edge in the market of its operations. has a strong focus on Convenience, Selection, Service and Price which are considered as the core value of the With a strong focus on the innovation and technology, is able to enhance the shopping experience to the target consumers.
One-click shopping – focused on providing convenience to its consumers, to save the time and provide enhanced value the company focused on providing a single click shopping experience, it helped in reducing the transactional burden on the customers. The company was able to pioneer on this by collecting the information of customers and creating a database of the same.
Product Review Information - All products on Amazon can be reviewed which helped the customers to review about the product they want to purchase
Purchase Circles – focuses on providing information about the books one is interested in.
E-Mail Alerts - Amazon allows consumers to keep tabs on their favorite author.
Recommendations - The company uses collaborative and other personalization techniques to recommend

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