Essay on Alternative Methods ( Herbal And Food Based Supplements

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My thoughts were when I started to write the introduction of my book, they were what should I write? What would you, as a reader, like to know about how I came up with the idea to write my book? I was composing a little tale about my childhood (in the south), before I started writing it, and it was exciting recalling memories of it, which I had not thought about in over forty years. The Holy Ghost softly spoke to me within my mind, and told me to stop writing the short story to finish the book that I had started writing about alternative methods (herbal and food based supplements) that have helped me with some of my health problems. The herbal products that I have taken have kept my stomach pain under control for the past 22 years. At that time, the doctors could not diagnose, or could not write a prescription to alleviate my pain. They did not understand the anxiety that I was going through. They performed several tests, but had no clue as to what was causing the pain. At that time, I seriously began thinking about trying alternative methods or herbs for my health problems. The herbs that I knew about I used to put into my food to give it a better taste or flavor, or the common home remedies that my mother gave us for a stomach ache, a cold, measles or mumps. In my mid-fifties, my feet started burning like they were on fire, tingling sensation, and like pins pricking the bottom of them. I went to the doctor had tests done, they could not find out what was causing…

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