Alternative Medicine And Health Care Essay

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In recent years, the person’s interest in alternative medicine or what 's also known as physical therapy has been clearly emerged, so that almost third of the American people; public patients seek physical treatment. Nearly over 8900 American adults and 17000 children between ages of 4 and 17 according to the national health statistics report.(1) Thus, media reports also attest to the common use of alternative medicine, and showed that thirty-four billions are spent yearly on alternative health care. Of course, by American, which is NOT a few. (2)
If we come to define it, alternative medicine may be defined differently between countries, yet generally the World Health Organization defined it as “a broad set of health care practices that are not part of that country’s own tradition, or not integrated into its dominant health care system.” (3) Thus, medically it’s known as any medical system, practice, products that not clearly backed by scientific evidence or sections of standard science-based health care.(4)
Alternative medicine includes such treatments as the use of therapeutic touch, acupuncture, and could include distraction by the use of music and spiritual assistance. (5) The alternative medicine involves a large number of philosophies, approaches, and methods that the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has classified into specific five categories namely; alternative medical systems. (3) These treatments are usually used…

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