Benefits Of Naturopathic Medicine

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Naturopathic medicine is a health care profession that emphasizes on the self healing process, prevention and achievement of optimum health using natural therapeutic methods. Emergence of naturopathic medicine has led to safe and natural therapies that play an important role in our current health care systems. An integrative partnership between old philosophies of nature being the best healer and modern medical health systems has made available effective therapies to patients.
Many patients are now recovering by adding naturopathic medicine to other medical care. It seeks to discover, identify and remove underlying symptoms and causes of ailments rather than suppress them.Patients that adopt this form of health care receive maximum benefits
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Mind-body approaches promote feelings of joy and lower negative emotions such as anger. Naturopathic physicians are aware of the many benefits associated with relaxation and meditation. Relaxation techniques may include deep breathing,yoga and progressive mind relaxation, combined with meditation they relieve and prevent recurrence of major depression. It is believed that proper nutrition is the corner stone of brain health and when overlooked it can result to pathological processes. When done correctly, exercise is the best natural treatment for depression as it quickly elevates moods and is said to have the same effect as medicines on the neurotransmitter system.Psychotherapy in treating depression and emotional stress uses techniques such as psycho-dynamic therapy, interpersonal therapy and emotional …show more content…
In order to enhance the quality of life for those living with chronic diseases, lifestyle changes and preventive care are often adopted. Common chronic illnesses include cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer and obesity. Meditation, a practice of reflection and taking in of deep breaths in a relaxing environment may reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and reduce the risk of you getting a heart attack. Coming up with an exercise program has magnificent benefits to the heart and your overall health. Creating a healthy diet composed of whole grains, essential oils, vegetables and proteins provide a risk reduction in cardiovascular, hypertension and

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