Alternative Medicine And Alternative Medicine

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Alternative medicine is any medical practice including health care products and therapies used and presumed to have therapeutic effects of medicine, but not scientifically proven. It means the use of non-mainstream method or traditional practices in place of conventional medicine. Some of these approaches include homeopathy, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and Christian faith healing. Complementary medicine involves the use of alternative medicine together with conventional medicines. Such practices can be the use of aromatherapy after surgery to lessen patient’s discomfort. Complementary and alternative medicine
Alternative medical practices are not scientifically proven but rely on personal beliefs or traditional cultural practices. The use of these approaches has grown significantly over the years and
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They have been accepted for treating various complications ranging from pain syndromes to hypertension.
Massage and other manual manipulation on the body are interesting to study and have been very effective. Massaging involves the use of oil or any lubricant and applying it gently and evenly to the skin of the client who lies prone, supine, or laterally on a table, or may be seated in a massage chair. The therapy begins with gentle superficial techniques then progress to deeper, more aggressive methods. The patient guides the practitioner on the areas of interest or where to treat i.e. it can be pain on a particular area on the back. So as to stimulate increased venous and lymphatic drainage from the tissues involved, these techniques are applied in the direction of the heart. Vasoactivity in somatic tissues, decrease in blood pressure and heart rate and relaxation of constricted muscles are some of the positive health effects of this technique. This therapy I would like to always use however, due to the high prices it makes it almost impossible for me at the

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