Aloha Tofu Essay

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Aloha Tofu Aloha Tofu started in 1950 when Kamesaburo and Tsuruko Uyehara took over control of a friend's tofu factory. At the time, Kamesaburo only wanted to support his family. Now Aloha Tofu is the largest tofu producer in Hawaii. The company aims to provide fresh tofu to the Hawaiian islands. Their logo (Appendix 1) is a japanese mon, or crest, made of a crane and a turtle. Both symbolize longevity and are taken from the founders' grandparents' names. The first factory was on Dillingham Boulevard. In 1964, they changed location to Ala Moana Farmers Market until a fire destroyed the factory. They rebuilt that factory and in 1976 the Uyehara family built a new factory in Kalihi. The plant tour (Appendix 2) illustrates the way …show more content…
Finally, the tofu is separated into 36 blocks which are then packed separately into containers. The tofu then cools for thirty to forty minutes and is then placed in a shipping unit and covered with ice water to prevent premature expiration. This production process is a batch process, with the tofu being made in larger blocks before being cut into batches of 36. It is a non-continuous stream because workers have to move the tofu from one location to another. There is moderate volume and variety in the production process. Variety can be seen in the number of products Aloha Tofu has ranging from hard to soft, fried or unfried tofu, fermented soybeans, and konyaku, which is hydrated potato powder in noodle form. In order to maintain the quality and image of their brand, Aloha Tofu incurs a few costs. If the tofu is made incorrectly or expires, the product has to be recalled before customers consume it. Thus, the company does all that it can to prevent internal failures. If the product goes bad because of damaged packaging or expiration during transit, and the customer discovers this, the external failure cost can have damaging ramifications for the brand. Customers will trust the brand less, which will decrease sales in the future. Thus, Aloha Tofu focuses on the appraisal costs of pre-packaging texture and quality inspections, as well as prevention costs that keep the tofu from expiring by filling the shipping

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